Note Sellers

Are you looking for a sound exit strategy to recover your cash currently tied up in a note for a property you sold using seller financing? Then you may want to consider selling your note with confidence and ease to us, Gr8 Houston Homes. You’ll wish you’d found out about us sooner.

Our company focuses on the $150k to $750k range, purchasing at current market value. However, we don't limit ourselves as we'll take into consideration any property in the market place. At Gr8 Houston Homes we also buy the ‘seller financed’ notes. We have the knowledge to direct you on your short sale or foreclosed property, providing you the consultation you need as well as a comprehensive exit strategy for your SFR’s and small commercial properties.

In addition to our basic noteseller service for properties in Houston, TX we are also capable of assisting those financial institutions which require a complete liquidation of warehouse lines- buying single and small pool residential notes (up to 40 per trade) anywhere in Texas. Our own capital is used so there are no money ties that may complicate your transaction and we engage a variety of industry experts to underwrite all of our purchases.


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