About Us

Dr. S. David Vaillancourt has invested and dedicated over thirty years of his life towards helping and educating people to see, improve, and use their potential to their maximum level.  He has been actively involved in real estate for many years, starting as a part time real estate agent in 1986, having plenty of experience first as a realtor, and then as an investor.  For the Houston Real Estate community the involvement of Dr. S. David Vaillancourt has been a welcome addition.   He also currently serves as the Chief Academic Officer for the College of Health Care Professions, which is also based in Houston, Texas.

What We Do

We specialize in providing property owners with the necessary tools to maximize ROI on their residential and small commercial real estate investments, whether they are renting, flipping, wholesaling and working with notes.  As investors and landlords ourselves, we have the inside knowledge needed to educate and inform those with brick and mortar assets in Houston, TX.  Currently, Gr8 Houston Homes educates and supports landlords and the real estate investment community in the metro Houston market with three primary services: offering the NOI-Plus recurring income program for landlords, purchasing notes and providing Hard Money to investors. 

Providing property owners with an efficient and effective program, which allows you to boost your investment potential on rented or leased commercial and residential units. We offer landlords an opportunity to increase their NOI while giving landlords the opportunity to offer their tenants simplicity and convenience.

Consulting for all your Real Estate Note needs. Experienced in the Houston area, we buy, sell and trade real estate notes for properties which have been sold via seller financing. Nothing tricky about it. We make swift purchases on a variety of types of property notes including residential and small commercial businesses.

Facilitating access to cash for investors in a couple of ways – creating Joint Venture opportunities for the right deals and facilitating easy online access to “Hard Money” through a leading national system called Private Money Exchange to fund real estate deals based on the numbers in the deal, not personal credit or assets.

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