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Gr8 Houston Homes and CompuSage Can Help


Tenants, you are able to sign up for just about all of your essential utilities in one place. Click on the logo above and shop for new household services as it has never been easier. It is also appreciated that a portion of these profits go to feeding America's hungry children in alliance with Project Feeding Kids.


Don’t keep giving away YOUR revenue! It’s time you are paid those commissions you are letting other companies take. Gr8 Houston Homes and NOI-Plus can correct this situation for you. You have been generating the revenue as long as you’ve been a landlord. DON’T continue to give it away! Contact us TODAY!

What is Compusage?

Compusage is a tool for tenant's and used throughout the USA. The international reseller actually operates in 23 countries around the world. This proven system gathers various utility services onto one website and negotiates the best deals possible for its participating tenants. Tenants decided which utility service best suits them and sign up for each of those services in the same place creating pure convenience and ease. For tenants, reviewing and paying bills has never been easier as they are all located in one place. Our users also appreciate that a porton of these profits go to hungry children right here in the USA.

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