Proud to offer real estate consulting for over 30 years. Now in Houston, TX. Dr. S. David Vaillancourt, founded Gr8 Houston Homes, LLC shortly after moving to Houston. Gr8 Houston Homes functions on the basis that everyone receives a fair share. Our operations exist to support the real estate investor community while they support and sustain the residents of Houston.

Facilitating access to cash for investors in a couple of ways – creating Joint Venture opportunities for the right deals and facilitating easy online access to “Hard Money” through a leading national system called Private Money Exchange to fund real estate deals based on the numbers in the deal, not personal credit or assets.

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Providing property owners with an efficient and effective program, which allows you to boost your investment potential on rented or leased commercial and residential units. We offer landlords an opportunity to increase their NOI while giving landlords the opportunity to offer their tenants simplicity and convenience.

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Consulting for all your Real Estate Note needs. Experienced in the Houston area, we buy, sell and trade real estate notes for properties which have been sold via seller financing. Nothing tricky about it. We make swift purchases on a variety of types of property notes including residential and small commercial businesses.

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We upgrade low-income, low-crime, small multifamily homes in the Houston, TX inner-loop area. Our repositioned properties serve solid blue collar tenants needing clean, safe, affordable housing in low-crime neighborhoods. These properties AND tenants are low-maintenance.

8007 Avenue C

$249,000 * 3,113 SF Building * Garden/Low-Rise

Cash-flow…newly renovated, 6-unit, stable tenants – generates more than $3K revenue per month. Annual leases in place with low-maintenance tenants until spring 2017. (All Cash price $249K – Owner Financed Price $274K) Nestled in a low-crime, low-income neighborhood inside 610 Loop – SE Houston 8007 Avenue C, Houston, TX 77012 

5504 Jensen Drive

$272,000 * 2,228 SF Building * Garden/Low-Rise

Cash-flow…newly renovated, 5-unit, stable tenants – generates $3K revenue per month. Annual leases in place with low-maintenance tenants until spring 2017. (All Cash price – $272K Owner Financed price – $299K) Low-crime, low maintenance adjacent to the 610 Loop corner lot. 5504 Jensen Drive, Houston, TX 77026

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